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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please email them to and I will be happy to answer them.

I understand noon, but why hat?

Our matching process is a lot like pulling names out of a hat!

Special thanks to The Name Inspector for help selecting the name. He also wrote a post about choosing the Noonhat name. Check it out!

How do I cancel?

After signing up, you'll receive a confirmation email. There is a cancellation link in that email. Open that link in a web browser and click the cancel button.

If you no longer have that email, please send email to

How do I reschedule?

First, cancel your previous registration (see above), then sign up again.

What if I get matched with a creepy weirdo or an axe-murderer?

There are a few aspects of Noonhat which I hope will keep the creep factor low:

(If you're a creep and you're thinking about signing up, go somewhere else. We'll make fun of you in public and call the police.)

Disclaimer: We can't be responsible for what people do after we introduce them. Be nice, this is meant to be fun.

Can I bring other people with me?

Yes! You're welcome to bring a friend with you to the lunch. Try not to bring all of your friends though, it's likely to be easier to find a table if the group size doesn't get too big. ;)

Can I sign up for Noonhat if I'm vegetarian or vegan or I have food allergies?

No worries! When you start coordinating with your lunch partners to decide where to eat, just let them know what kind of food you can and can't eat. Also, you might suggest a restaurant or two which has food you like.

I don't want to share my email address, can you hide it?

In order to meet up for lunch, you'll need to communicate with your partners by email. Also, the point of Noonhat is to meet new people and get to know them, so I encourage you to use your normal account.

However, If you don't want to share your normal email address, the best thing to do is create another email account to use for Noonhat. Many companies will give you a free email account you can read via the web. I like GMail.

How will I recognize my lunch partners?

I recommend wearing an unusual hat. :)

You'll have to work this out via email in the morning. Some ideas: make a reservation at the restaurant under a specific name which everyone knows, pick a very specific place to meet, describe what you're wearing, or just show up and invite everyone who looks lost to join your table.

Also, there is a one page Noonhat Sign which you can print out and bring to the restaurant.